Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Tecno Q1 Review

I give another standing ovation to the tecno guys for the new Tecno Q1 Android phone. Tecno, a Chinese manufacturer of mobiles and devices, of recent, started producing android based mobile phones and just when I thought they had given their best as far as android phones were concerned, a better one springs up.
When the first in the series of theTecno android phones first touched the market, consumers didn't give it a second look, they just expected it to be the usual low quality Asian phones that have so flooded the Nigerian market, but within a short perid of time, it was the talk of the country. Many android lovers, love the Tecno android phones, because they match cost with quality and the new tecno Q1 is no exception. The Tecno Q1 unlike its preceeding series comes with a QWERTY keypad as well as a 2.6" capacitive touch screen. Am sure you are already giving the tecno guys a thumb up, well they deserve it.
The Techno Q1 android-driven smartphone comes with an android 4.0 ice-cream sandwich operating system (O.S), hmmm, yummy…..(Lol). And it doesn't just end there; it also has a dual core processor, as well as a RAM of 512 MB. It is WIFI enabled, supports USB (Universal Serial Bus) connectivity and has a 3.5mm Ear jack.
The camera features of the Tecno Q1 are like a 6.5 on a scale of 1-10. It has a 5.0MP primary camera at the back that comes with a flash and a 0.3MP secondary camera at the rear. It supports video recording, picture capturing and editing.
So a good question to ask is what is the downside of this mobile phone? The downside to the Tecno Q1 is the really small screen size. Unlike earlier android phones by tecno, the Q1’s screen is quite small at 2.6”, a 3.5” or a bit less would have been better. I also think Tecno would have really nailed it if they had increased the ram to like 1 GB just like the N3.
But still, I think the Techno Q1 is worth having.


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